La Maison du Cinema


Essaouira – Morocco – Africa


The beauty of high walls fortified against the sea … the evocations of the Medina with its white houses and their blue doors … the long beach, its horizon shaped by Kite and Windsurfing, and the port under the deafening cries of seagulls…
Oh Essaouira, great little Moroccan city of legend and charm, Pearl of the Atlantic !

Adventure and excitement, passion and enchantment. These are the wellsprings of our project: Essaouira-Morocco-Africa a project with an energy as exciting as a cult film straddling myth and reality, antiquity and modernity, and leaving to your imagination the chance to become real.  An imagination sparked by things big and small, tucked away within the walls of one of most beautiful and luminous Medinas of North Africa: treasures found in tiny workshops of arts and crafts, in busy souks, in dense colours of the sunset enjoyed from the ramparts, or even in the madness of the wind blowing through your hair, plucking foam from the waves of an angry ocean, its horizon splashed with brightly coloured sails of windsurfers and kite-surfers.

Caught up in a whirlwind of enthusiasm for this special place, and having collected a wealth of experience in the field of Italian Hospitality, we took our passion for Art and Cinema and transferred it here to Essaouira, at 14 rue Laalouj, in the most elegant neighbourhood of the Medina, a few steps away from the ramparts and just in front of the Museum.
La Maison du Cinema is our creation, our way of interpreting Essaouira: six rooms, an apartment, a terrace and lounge providing comfort and relaxation in modern Moroccan style – a style that pays homage to the past while incorporating current ideas, good music, food and drink, and contemporary art and cinema.
Every evening we show a film selected from famous cult movies, from classics of the history of cinema, from last season’s releases — from animation to musicals, from thrillers to comedy, from romantic to dramatic.